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Dirty-Sense Killers

  • General information
    Community name: Dirty-Sense Killers
    Owner: reXxaurus
    Number of servers: 7
    Total players: 0/203
  • About community
    Dirty-Sense Killers is a Gaming Community focused around the famous game, once #1 FPS in the world, Counter-Strike. It was founded by the old members of the community known as [T-W] The Warriors.

    We, as a community, offer you high quality servers, lag free, with great reg, providing the best experience possible. If you were looking for great servers and a community to settle on, you came to the right place, join us now!
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Rank Name IP address:Port Players Map
1163 DsK | Zombie Plague … 0/32 zm_zr_cubeworld
1719 DsK | Dust2 24/7 | D… 0/32 de_dust2
3033 DsK | Rats Invasion … 0/32 de_rats_1337
3254 DsK | Classic | www.… 0/32 de_aztec
3758 DsK | DeathMatch | W… 0/32 de_dust2
4125 Raz0rsEdge Prop Hunt… 0/32 ph_bikinibottom
4423 Test Server @ DsKill… 0/11 de_dust2

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