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  • General information
    Community name: SilentGamerz
    Owner: Spr1nte[R]
    Number of servers: 8
    Total players: 49/256
  • About community
    If you are interested in joining us or would like to learn more about the community please visit:


    DeDust2 Server [Classic Dust2]:

    Fatal Killerz [Classic] [MultiJump]:

    Capture The Flag [Unique Mod][CSGO Ranks][VIP WEAPONS]:

    Zombie Plague [BHOP][New Modes+VIP]: [HAPPY HOUR]

    Zombie Elimination [CSO+DOTA+VIP] [Private Mod]: [*NEW*]

    Zombie Apocalypse [CSO+LEVEL+VIP] [Private Mod]: [*NEW*]

    Zombie Escape [Multijump+Parachute+VIP]: [NEW]*

    GunGame [Unique Mod]: [COMING SOON]*

    All these servers are located at heart of New York City.

    We hope to see you in the servers have fun playing at SilentGamerZ
  • Logo
Rank Name IP address:Port Players Map
19 [sG] Capture The Fla… 16/32 de_avangard
151 [sG] Zombie Plague [… 18/32 zm_sg_fox_beta2
228 [sG] Dust2 24/7 #Non… 0/32 de_dust2
853 [sG] Fatal Killerz -… 0/32 de_aztec
902 [sG] Zombie Apocalyp… 6/32 zm_defense
964 [sG] Zombie Eliminat… 7/32 de_dust4ever2
1529 [sG] Zombie Escape +… 2/32 ze_hospital_lg
1776 [sG] oLd schooL -- G… 0/32 gg_dusty

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