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Paradox - Team

  • General information
    Community name: Paradox - Team
    Owner: GunGameR
    Number of servers: 5
    Total players: 32/63
  • About community
    Hi folks.

    We are Paradox Team, maybe some of you know us. We are a CS 1.6 community, group and team working to do your gaming experience an unique and unforgetable moment. All simple, practical and funny!

    For that, we count with
    The forum a good place to share ideas, get friends, present yourself, be in touch and spend a good time.
    Servers running over 3000 fps, internap connected, latest HLDS Build 6153 (customized), AmxModX 1.8.3-dev5030,, Metamod 1.21am customized. Performing the smoothest and fastest gameplay.
    Unique Anticheat/Security system server sided, ti can block aimboters, block wallers, ban steamidspoofers, block publicity spammers, block exploiters, ban banevaders forever, etc. This guarant you a clean enviroment
    Virtual Shop&Vip system never seen before (you must play to view it)

    We make the impossible possible, join us and we propose you to maximize your fun in this classic game.

    Attentively ParadoxTeam: GunGameR, Damon, S
  • Logo
Rank Name IP address:Port Players Map
745 [pDxPLAY] PUG #5 Com… 11/12 de_tuscan
775 [pDxPLAY] PUG #6 Com… 8/13 de_mirage
870 [pDxPLAY] PUG #7 Com… 11/12 de_mirage
1005 [pDxPLAY] PUG #8 Com… 2/13 de_dust2
1735 [pDxPLAY] PUG #2 Com… 0/13 de_dust2

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