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Palestine® Servers Community®

  • General information
    Community name: Palestine® Servers Community®
    Owner: SNIPER And Wootlax
    Number of servers: 3
    Total players: 0/96
  • About community
    Palestine® Servers Community®

    ╠►Palestine® Servers Community®
    ╠► Game: Counter Strike 1.6
    ╠►ٍServers List
    ╠►Name: Palestine®[ZM 5.0]Ultimate® [Free VIP+Bank+Pmodmenu+FDL]®™
    ╠►Name: Palestine®[ZM 4.3]Darkness® [Free|͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿|+Bank+pmodmenu+FDL]®™
    ╠►Name: Palestine®[ZM 3.2]Escape® [LVL+FreeVIP+FDL+ExtraItems]®™
    ╠► Wait More Server Soon :D
    ╚►Owner: WoOtLax And SNIPER
  • Logo
Rank Name IP address:Port Players Map
1867 Palestine®[ZM 5.0]U… 0/32 zm_gbox3
2359 Palestine®[ZM 4.3]D… 0/32 zm_asiatic_grou…
5962 Palestine®[ZM 3.2]E… 0/32 ze_jurassicpark…

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