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Mexican Servers

  • General information
    Community name: Mexican Servers
    Owner: mexicanservers
    Number of servers: 5
    Total players: 21/160
  • About community
    Mexican Community of Servers Counter-Strike and Minecraft.

    Fan Page:
    Facebook Group:
    Steam Group:

    Our servers: Zombie Escape, Polices vs Aliens, Fun Maps, Normal and Trouble in Terrorist Town.

    Enjoy :D
  • Logo
Rank Name IP address:Port Players Map
352 [MXS] Zombie Escape … 19/32 ze_jurassicpark…
2269 [MXS] Fun Maps | Mex… 2/32 de_mario_air
2384 [MXS] Normal | Mexic… 0/32 cs_deagle5
2438 [MXS] Policias vs Al… 0/32 pa_laberinto_ch…
3980 [MXS] Base Builder N… 0/32 bb_zombie_invas…

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