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Zrenjanin Community

  • General information
    Community name: Zrenjanin Community
    Owner: ***Pr0BoT***
    Number of servers: 5
    Total players: 147/160
  • About community
    Welcome to Zrenjanin Community

    This is an old-school gaming community with FUN as our main feature to provide for our players. Our servers are led by experienced and mature administration staff to ensure clean and smooth game for top quality enviroment for you - the players. Also we do not allow any kind of harassment or textual/verbal abusment. Our first server was founded in August 11th 2011. and after that expansion of Zrenjanin Community has started. Today we count 5 top ranked servers for every taste, the choice is yours! Best way to get to know us is to visit our forum -> <- Introduce yourself and become a part of a virtual "family". If you choose to join our community, please, don't hesitate to add our servers to your 'Favorites' list, IP addresses are listed below.
  • Logo
Rank Name IP address:Port Players Map
43 Zrenjanin DeathMatch… 31/32 de_dust2
72 Zrenjanin De_Inferno… 28/32 de_inferno
92 Zrenjanin Public | z… 29/32 de_nuke
106 JEGER Bar | De_Dust2… 28/32 de_dust2
185 Barcelona De_Dust2 O… 31/32 de_dust2

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