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[DZ] */Royal/* Zombie Plague@ [New Extra!] #1 |.

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  • Germany |
  • Counter Strike 1.6

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  • General info
    Game: Counter Strike 1.6
    Mod : Zombie mod
    Name: [DZ] */Royal/* Zombie Plague@ [New Extra!] #1 |.
    Online : No
    IP address:
    Added by: bibo8220
    Owned by: bibo8220 mudi kar bibo8220
  • Additional info
  • Players info
    Players: 0/32
    Average number of players (last 12h): 0
    Average number of players (last 24h): 0
  • Server rank
    World rank: 5822
    The best rank: 5013
    The worst rank: 5822
  • Map
    [Upload new map image]
    zm_ice_attack zm_ice_attack
    Last map: zm_x2
ID Name Score Time
Currently no players in this table.
ID Name Score Time
1 TriHard 1 00:22:05
2 0 21:16:00
3 2 0 00:32:17
4 Greetings.Royal-Team. 0 21:16:00
5 X_KILLER 0 00:00:09

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