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  • General information
    Community name: HEADSHOT
    Site/forum: www.headshot-cs.com
    Owner: legoznutu
    Number of servers: 4
    Total players: 12/128
  • About community
    Newest Gaming Community!
    This community has been created in 25 December 2019!
    We accept every server that wants to join us and everyone si warm welcomed!
  • Logo
Rank Name IP address:Port Players Map
124 Balkanski [FRONT] 10/32 fy_snow
707 HEADSHOT - [ZM]Army … 0/32 zm_snow_volta
3108 NEW IP:… 2/32 zm_franqeeto_fi…
3448 HS | Base Builder [F… 0/32 bb_inferno_ipla…

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