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Lost | Souls

  • General information
    Community name: Lost | Souls
    Owner: airstriker
    Number of servers: 4
    Total players: 20/128
  • About community
    Feel free to join us This clan servers are running with [1000FPS] we have few modes and getting some more soon, cheaters aren't allowed to join our servers and will result them a free BAN , invite your friends and enjoy playing.

    Feel free to suggest any other mods in our website

    Join us now!
  • Logo
Rank Name IP address:Port Players Map
18 -L|S- Zombie Plague … 15/32 zm_ls_cubeworld…
116 -L|S- Dust2 [www.LSg… 5/32 de_dust2
1652 -L|S- Capture the Fl… 0/32 fy_dinoiceworld
2393 -L|S- Zombie Escape[… 0/32 ze_ipscape2_wwa…

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